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Want To Give Hatching A Try? 
Worried About High Starting Costs? 
Too Many Cockerels? 
Confused By Too Much Conflicting Information?

We Have For Hire A 96 Egg Incubator! Available To Hire By The Month!
We Can Set It Up For You!
We Can Supply You With Hatching Eggs!
We Can Take Back Any Unwanted Hatchlings!
We Can Supply Colloidal Silver, Chick Crumb, 
Duck Crumb, Wormer, Bedding, Calcium Granules.

Incubator Hire (£50) £1 Per Day Hire. £30 A Month. 
Includes Egg Candler. Excludes Batteries. 
Delivery And Set Up From £10. (Subject To Distance)
Free Email Advice.Free Rehoming For Unwanted Hatchlings.
Hatching Eggs As Priced At Time Of Purchase.

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