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Our Newest Premium Range Breed!
The Stunning
"Blue Splash Skye Rock"  270 Bright Blue Shelled Eggs A Year! Limited Availability For 2017.  £24 Each Available Now

Stunning Chalkhill Blue. Stunning Blue Egg shell layer! £24 Each
Available Now

Chalk Hill Chestnut Ranger The New Darkest Shelled Hybrid High End Production Ever Produced! £24 Each Available Now

This Is Page 3 Of Our Hen Range. See More Of Our Hens At  Pages Marked The Exclusive Hen Range  And Classic Hen Range.
Our Premium Hens Are Priced At £24 Each At Pol
Are 100% Guaranteed To Lay The Described Colour Egg Shell!
There May be Slightly  Cheaper, But Most Likely Inferior Versions Of Our Exclusive Hens!  
All Fully And Correctly Vaccinated! Wormed And Liced,
Quality, Healthy, Happy, Free Range Point Of Lay Hens!

The Hens Pictured Above Are The New "Skye Rocks" They Lay A Bright Blue Egg Shell and up to 280 eggs a year.£24 each Exclusive To Jessie's Hens!
At Present We Have A Selection Of Colours. Some Have Crests, Some Have Combs. Going Forward, We Will Try To Keep A variety Of Feather Colours.
Available Now

This Is The Stunning Blue Rock. She is a Legbar /Barred Plymouth Rock Hybrid. Often The Blue Rock Will Have A Comb And No Crest
  She will lay a Blue/ Green egg shell and up to 260 eggs a year.£24 Each Pol Exclusive To Jessie's Hens! 
Available Now

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