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Available Now All Females!
A New Hybrid Duck Of Campbell And Chocolate Runner Ducks! Laying Up To 300 Large White Or Blue Eggs, Between January November. (Weather And Other Environmental Conditions Can Influence Lay) Very Hardy, Salmonella Vaccinated.
These Ducks Look Like A Khaki Campbell, Have The Laying Ability Of Campbells. And Are Either Khaki Or Chocolate Brown (Seasonal) And  Lay Large Eggs. Have Amazing Friendly Personalities Once In Situ! No Male Required. Non Broody. So Ideal For Egg Production. Duck Eggs Are Becoming Very Popular As Provide A Delicious Protein Filled Alternative To Hen Eggs!  
Limited Availability For 2018! But Full Production From March 2019!
Best Duck Deal From Us This Year! Save ££'s On Normal Price! £15 Each. Buy Four Or More For Just £10 Each. 
Splashers Rather Than Swimmers, So Minimal Water Required!

Also Available. Two Muscovy Females.£15. But Can Also Be Included In Above Deal. 

Also Available Trio (1 Male, 2 Female) Pekin/Aylesbury White Ducks.  Very Heavy, Nearly 4 kg Each Right Now! Ideal For Christmas Or Keep For Spring For Eggs!  £35 Trio

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