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Available November!
Brown Partridge Leghorn, Tri Mottled Leghorn, Red Partridge Leghorn, Gold Laced Leghorn, 
Silver Laced Leghorn, Silver Partridge Leghorn.
Not Pictured, Lavender Leghorn,  Blue And Red Leghorn, Plus A Few Surprise Colours!

Our Funky Leghorn Hen Range Consists Of Our New Breeds. 
And They Are Exclusive To Jessie's Hens! 
These Are The Funky Leghorns Hen Hybrids. They Are A Hybrid Of Leghorns And Other Great Layers.
They Are All Capable Of Laying Up To 320 Eggs  Per Year
This Is Page 3 Of Our Hen Range! See More Of Our Hens At  Pages Marked Classic Hen Range, Exclusive, Blue Layer Premium Hen Range.And Dark Layers Premium Hen Range.
Priced £15 Each. 
We Will Attempt To Bring You A Full Range Of The Following Colours, Subject To Availability
! Call To Check Availability. 


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