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Hourly Question And Answer Sessions On Our Site!

Worried you are not doing things right? Want some advice, tips or just reassurance?   
Looking after your own hens is so rewarding!
 As well as a ready supply of fresh eggs, they make great pets as well!
There are plenty of books and websites on keeping hens, but If you want a bit of hands on time with them, why not try one of our full hen courses or our onsite question and answer sessions! 
Where all aspects of Hen keeping aimed at the beginner are discussed.
The Visit includes...
*Breeds And Types
*Food & Drink
*Health & Hygiene
*Care & Handling
*Natural Treatments
*Practical Health Check
*Eggs Galore
*Predators &Pests
We offer courses at weekends and evenings during spring and summer.
The course is designed with as much as possible held outside, with practical demonstrations and your chance to get hands on experience with the Hens.
Courses cost From £50 for first hour. And £30 Per Hour or part hour thereafter.  Unlimited Numbers may be present, but are subject to a maximum of three hours!
Please call me on 07719685434 to discuss or make a booking.
Courses can be booked as a birthday present or any special occasion.
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