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Modern Bantams This Year Will Include Silkie's, Pekins, Wyandottes, Polands, And Seabrights.
Available Now Gold Laced Polands /Polish. Silkies Various Colours £35 Each
Trio's Of Silver And Gold Seabrights £80 2 female/1 Male
We Are Very Eggcited To Bring You Our First Ever Range Of Modern Bantams! Nicknamed  "The Mods"
Less Broody! More Productive!  100% Female! Friendlier! Same Great Looks!
No Cockerel Required To Stimulate To Lay! Silly Tame!
They Are A Hybrid Of Bantam And Buff Plymouth Rock. Fully Vaccinated
Buff Plymouth Rock. Between 150 and 200 Eggs Per Year.

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