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Now Includes Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Caged Rodents and Birds, And Reptiles In Vivarium's 
Stuck with what to do with your hens whilst on holiday?
Want to know your girls are being looked after, by experienced and caring Keepers? If so contact us.
Prices start from as little as £1 per Bird Per day or part day. (Based On 5 hens in a five bird coop)
We have the following sized coops available
Five Hen Coop £5 Per Day/Part Day
Six Hen Coop £6 Per Day/Part Day
Eight Hen Coop £8 Per Day/Part Day
Hen Coop £12 Per Day/Part Day
We Can house larger amounts by arrangement
Geese  And Ducks can be housed By arrangement also.

Price includes thoroughly Clean Hen House, New Bedding on arrival and changed as needed.
 Free Range layers pellets and fresh water daily, mixed corn or fresh veggies in afternoon.
Experienced handler, and carer with over 43 years experience.
Please message us any dates, your hens breed(s) and amounts, for a competitive quote.
If you have had another quote let us know, and we will try our utmost to beat it!
Message us at
All Hens will be subject to a free health check in.

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