Jessie's Hens.Quality Poultry For Cambridge - Open All Year Round!
New Prices Now In Place From 28.07.14
Up To Three Hens £11 Each!
Four - Eleven Hens £10 Each!
Buy 12 Hens For £110. 
 At Jessie's Hens We Have Held Our Low Price Of £10 Per Hen Since 2008.Whilst Others Have Raised There Prices To Sky High.
However We Have To Reluctantly Raise Our Prices
We Have Limited The Rise To Impact As Little As Possible On Our Customers.
Buy Three Hens Or Less For £11 Each. £1 Increase!
Buy Four Hens Or More For £10 Each. No Increase!
Or 12 For £110  Save £10!
Cambridge's Largest Range Of Happy,,Properly Vaccinated Hens!
We Are Proud To Be Different.No Quantity Over Quality.
No Bringing In Day Old Chicks,And Cheap Vaccinations! 
Properly Vaccinated,Happy, Hens!
We Dont Sell Products We Dont Believe In! 
Pride In What We Do,Not Profit,That We Can Make.
Jessie's Hens Simply Better.
Seven Days A Week                  
From 9.30-4.00 pm, Including For Calls.
Please Call 07719685434 On The Actual Day You Wish To Come,We Can Not Take .Please Do Not Just Turn.You May Be Disappointed! 
You Need To Bring A Or Pet Carrier.
Sales Only.
Please Note We Do Not Sell Bantams,Or Hatching Eggs,Or Chicks.Or Cockerels.
We Never Sell Hen.Sorry!

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