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Available From 25/10/18. All Females!
A New Hybrid Duck Of Campbell And Chocolate Runner Ducks! Laying Up To 300 Large White Or Blue Eggs, Between January November. (Weather And Other Environmental Conditions Can Influence Lay) Very Hardy, Salmonella Vaccinated.
These Ducks Look Like A Khaki Campbell, Have The Laying Ability Of Campbells. And Are Either Khaki Or Chocolate Brown (Seasonal) And  Lay Large Eggs. Have Amazing Friendly Personalities Once In Situ! No Male Required. Non Broody. So Ideal For Egg Production. Duck Eggs Are Becoming Very Popular As Provide A Delicious Protein Filled Alternative To Hen Eggs!  
Limited Availability For 2018! But Full Production From March 2019!
Prices £15 Each. Three For £40.
Six For £70. Larger Amounts On Request.
Splashers Rather Than Swimmers, So Minimal Water Required!
Back To School (Hurray)Winter Coming (Boo!) Cheer Up! Special Offer Time!
Buy Six Classic Hens, For £72 Saving £6!
Or Buy 12 For £132 Saving £24! 
Buy 3 Modern Bantams For £75! Saving £30!
Six For £120!!
Further Birds £20. Breeds Include Wyandotte's And Pekins! In Colours Such As Millefleur,  Lavender, Colombian, Black Mottled, Blue + Red Laced, Red Laced. And First Time, Brown, Blue And Black Leghorns!

Buy 3 Of Our Premium Blue/Green Layers
For £60. Saving £12.

Buy 2 Of Our Premium, Dark Layers For £30! Saving £18! 
20 Week Old Female Geese
They are a dual purpose bird both table and laying hybrid often referred to as "Legarth or Stowe   
They should achieve oven weight of 6+ kg. They will also lay 90-150 large white shelled eggs normally from the following February.  They do not need a gander to stimulate them to lay eggs, but of course one is required for fertile eggs.They are vaccinated for goose parvovirus disease and salmonella.   It is worth bearing in mind that the goslings are of the highest quality on the market, and vaccinated. Not parent vaccinated. Please email with your requirements or for information £15 Each Or 3for £40

Available Now Plastic Pet Carriers. RRP £15.99 OUR PRICE £10!
Also Smaller Versions RRP £13.99. OUR PRICE £8!

Available To Order.
 See Our New Hen House Page. 
Free Delivery In October Saving £20!

Check Out Our New Five Pages Of Stunning Healthy Properly Vaccinated Hens!
Prices For 2018!
Classic Range £13              
Exclusive Range £14
Premium Blue Layers £24 
Premium Dark Layers £24. 
Please Note. Payment Is Cash Only. 
Times Including For Calls. 
Please Always Call For A Appointment 07719685434 On The Actual Day You Wish To Collect Please.
Please Do Not Turn Up Without Calling First, As It May Not Be Possible To Serve You. We Are Unable To Make Appointments For Example On The Friday For Saturday.
All Appointments Must Be Made By Phone.
Please Note We Do Not Sell, Cockerels, Chicks Or Single Hens. For Hatching Eggs See Tab.
Boxes Available To Transport Your Hens. £1 Each .
Please Always Ask When Calling To Check Availability.
Check Out Our New Four Pages Of Stunning Healthy Properly Vaccinated Hens!
Remember Our  Free Range Point Of Lay Hybrid Hens Come To You Fully Vaccinated, Lice Treated, And Fully Wormed. Making Us Cambridgeshire's Number One Hybrid Hen Supplier.
With Full After Care Service! Free Advice For Life!
Buy With Confidence From Us With Over 45 Years Hands On  Experience Not Book Learnt.



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