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Available Now (12/07/20)  J-Line 
(Similar To Goldline, with more white feathers) 
Fantastic Layers Of 330-350 Eggs Per Year!
£15 Each. Or 12 For £144 Saving £36! 
50+ Hens £11Each.
Others Provisionally Available Mid August  (Sorry Unable To Reserve)
Please Call 07719685434.
Calls Only From 9.00 Am. First Customer 10.30Am
No Texts, Emails Or Voicemails. To Arrange Appointments Please.
We Can Then Concentrate On Calls.
Availability Is Correct As Of Opening, But Can Change During The Day.
Are Red Mites Driving You Mad? Your Poultry Got The Dreaded Mites. Lack Of A Proper Winter And Recent Hot Weather, Has Seen Mite Population Explode!
We Have The Answer! And Its Cheaper Than Most!
Get A 10Ml Bottle Of Spot On Ivermectin And A 500G Bag Of Diamatrous Earth For Only £25!  Saving Nearly £20 Of Leading On Line Suppliers.

Updated From 01/07/20

 *Are You Ready For The Hens? Committed To Care For Them For There Entire Life? Not Just For Eggs During Covid 19?

*Appointments must be made by calling 07719685434 on the day you wish to come
Not By Texts Or Email. Or Voicemails. 
Do Not Turn Up Without A Appointment Please

*You must remain in your car/vehicle  until called.
You must provide boxes or crates for transportation.

*Up to five customers. From same household. Children are welcome but it is your responsibility to ensure hand hygiene on exit.
 Everybody else must remain in vehicle including dogs

*Remain Two Meters From Us At All Times

*Cash Only or bank transfer, which must be cleared before you leave. No Debit Or Credit Cards Or Paypal Please

*Entry to our premises. Is Accepting above conditions in full. We take no responsibility for you whilst on premises.

Classic Hens £14 Each (Up £1)
Exclusive Hens £15 (No Change)
Funky Leghorns £15 (No Change)
Premium Blue Layers £24 (No Change)
Premium Dark Layers £24 (No Change)
Bantams Wyandotte's, Pekins, & More £30 (Down £5)
Premium Bantams ( Poland's, Silkie's ) £35 (No Change)
Pure Breeds, And Large Fowl FROM £35-£40

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