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Change Of Opening Hours!
Sunday 06/10 Open 10-4 Call 07933250740 Only
Mon 7/10 -Thur 10/10 Closed All Day Including For Calls.
Fri 11/10 Open 10-4 Call 07935343780 Only
Sat 12/10 & Sun 13/10 Open 10-4 Call 07933250740 Only
Mon 14/10 - Wednesday 16/10 Closed All Day Including For Calls
Re Open 17/10 Onwards 9-4. 07719685434

Some Super Autumn Offers!
Skye Hens (Blue Shell Layers) Normally £24 Each. Two Or More For £12 Each. 
These Hens Are 25 Weeks Old. (Most Are Now Laying)  They Had Quite A Bad Molt During Heat Wave In August. Once In A Smaller Environment Feathers Will Re Grow Very Quickly! Save £12 Per Hen. While Stocks Last!
Buff Leghorns Hens. Laying 3000+ Pastel Pink Shelled Eggs. £15 Each Very Limited Edition!
Buy Three Chestnut Rangers (Dark Layers) For £60
(Further Hens £20) Saving £4 Per Hen.
Amazing Range Of Coloured And Breeds Of Bantams Hens.
Old English Game Bantams, In Colours Of Birchen, Silver Duck Wing, Polecat, & Blue Birchen!
Lavender, Black, White, And Splash Leghorns, Salmon Faverolle. Polands, Silkie's 
Light Sussex, Wellsummer, Pekins, Cuckoo Marans,
New Lower Price Of £30 Each. Three For £75! 
Available Now. 
Norfolk Bronze Turkey Poults. Stags And Hens
 Very Heavy Type. Ready For Christmas! 
£22 Each Or Four For £80
Indian Runner Ducks 18 weeks. Males And Females.
Females £30 Each. Males £10 
Get A Trio For £60. Or 3 Females For £75.Or Our Best Ever Price! Six Females For £120!
Miniature Appleyard & Welsh Harlequin Female Ducks  £25 Each. 

Are Red Mites Driving You Mad? Your Poultry Got The Dreaded Mites. Recent Hot Temperatures Have Seen Mite Population Explode!
We Have The Answer! And Its Cheaper Than Most!
Get A 10Ml Bottle Of Spot On Ivermectin And A 500G Bag Of Diamatrous Earth For Only £25!  Saving Nearly £20 Of Leading On Line Suppliers.
Additional 500G Bags Can Be Purchased At Same Time For £3 A Bag!

 Prices For 2019!
Check Out Our New Five Pages Of Stunning Healthy Properly Vaccinated Hens!
Classic Range £13 Each             
Exclusive Range £15
Funky Leghorns  £15 
Premium Blue Layers £24 Each
Premium Dark Layers £24. 
Bantams £30 Each Or Three For £75
Please Note. Payment Is Cash Only. Website Is Updated Daily. If you have Visited Site Before, Please Refresh Your Page For Latest Info.
Times Including For Calls. 9-4pm. Seven Days A Week
Please Always Call For A Appointment 07719685434 On The Actual Day You Wish To Collect Please.
Please Do Not Turn Up Without Calling First, As It May Not Be Possible To Serve You. We Are Unable To Make Appointments For Example On The Friday For Saturday.
All Appointments Must Be Made By Phone Only.

We Do Not Sell, Cockerels, Chicks Or Single Hens. 
Boxes Available To Transport Your Hens. £1 Each .
Please Always Ask When Calling To Check Availability.
Remember Our  Free Range Point Of Lay Hybrid Hens Come To You Fully Vaccinated, Lice Treated, And Fully Wormed. Making Us Cambridgeshire's Number One Hybrid Hen Supplier. 
With Full After Care Service! Free Advice For Life!
Buy With Confidence From Us With Over 46 Years Hands On  Experience Not Book Learnt.



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