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Available Now (07/08/20)  J-Line 
(Similar To Goldline, with more white feathers) 
Fantastic Layers Of 330-350 Eggs Per Year!
£15 Each. Or 12 For £144 Saving £36! 
Others Provisionally Available 12th.August  2020 (Sorry Unable To Reserve)
Are Red Mites Driving You Mad? Your Poultry Got The Dreaded Mites. Lack Of A Proper Winter And Recent Hot Weather, Has Seen Mite Population Explode!
We Have The Answer! And Its Cheaper Than Most!
Get A 10Ml Bottle Of Spot On Ivermectin And A 500G Bag Of Diamatrous Earth For Only £25!  Saving Nearly £20 Of Leading On Line Suppliers.

*Appointments must be made by calling 07719685434 on the day you wish to come
Not By Texts Or Email. Or Voicemails. 
Do Not Turn Up Without A Appointment Please

*You must remain in your car/vehicle  until called.
You must provide boxes or crates for transportation.

*Up to five customers. From same household. Children are welcome but it is your responsibility to ensure hand hygiene on exit.
 Everybody else must remain in vehicle including dogs

*Remain Two Meters From Us At All Times

*Cash Only or bank transfer, which must be cleared before you leave. No Debit Or Credit Cards Or Paypal Please.

Classic Hens £14 Each (Up £1)
Exclusive Hens £15 (No Change)
Funky Leghorns £15 (No Change)
Premium Blue Layers £24 (No Change)
Premium Dark Layers £24 (No Change)
Bantams Wyandotte's, Pekins, & More £30 (Down £5)
Premium Bantams ( Poland's, Silkie's ) £35 (No Change)
Pure Breeds, And Large Fowl FROM £35-£40

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